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Great tips when buying used car

It is important that you are well prepared when you go out and look at a used car. If you are doubtful of what you are looking for or you are unprepared for and make a quick decision, the risk that you are not making a good purchase is simply too big. Therefore, it pays to do some thorough research before you go out on the used car market. 

Examine the prices online


Once you have decided on the car type you need, you can find very useful information on the internet as to which specific car models are attractive in the used car market. It is a question of finding a car that is well-run and not often going to a workshop, and where the connection between price and what you get for the money is good. In addition, examine the prices thoroughly first so that you have good arguments when the price negotiation starts - for the price of a used car is always negotiable!

The most important tips



Keep your critical sense when looking at a car and do not fall in love with a car before you look at it and drive it. If you have already decided beforehand that it should be, you are not in a particularly sharp negotiation situation when you have to agree on a price.

Take a good friend who has bought a used car before and has experience and insight into the area. Let him help you investigate the car thoroughly: both in the cabin, outside and in the engine, and ask for his help to assess if it's a good deal.


Don't feel obliged to buy! It may take a few hours to talk to the seller, examine the car and drive a test drive. But that does not mean that you are obliged to buy the car! Take the time to find the right car, you won't regret it.

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Get the car checked through at an independent workshop so you are sure there are no significant errors and omissions. It costs a little extra, but especially if you buy a slightly more expensive used car, it is money that is well spent.


Dealer or private


There is one thing you need to set yourself on if you are heading out to buy used car from auto dealer: the car becomes more expensive than it would have been if you purchased it privately. It's safe, and there are many good reasons for that. Nevertheless, it can easily be the most sensible thing to buy from a retailer rather than private.

You pay for security and warranty


You pay not only extra, because the used car dealer will skim the flow on your trade. You pay extra because you get a great deal in the price compared to buying the car at a private. One of the great advantages is the so-called presumption rule, which means that you can advertise errors and deficiencies on the car, which must be presumed to have been present at the time of purchase. 

This applies to the first 6 months after the purchase and in practice means that most of the missing you discover on the car during this period will be repaired for free at the dealer. 


If he wants to avoid paying, he must be able to prove that the error has occurred after the deal. Obviously, if the seller can prove that the damage has occurred later, you are of course responsible for the repair.

In addition, you will of course be protected by the Buying Act in the trade, which can provide an extra security in relation to private purchase, where the car will usually be referred to as "bought as possessed".


Do a good deal with your dealer


Many used car dealers offer to take your old car with you. It can be a good solution if you still have to get rid of the car, but thoroughly investigate what a similar cost on the market, so you do not end up selling your car for cheap. 

But finally bring it into the negotiations if you think it might be nice to get rid of yourself with the sales. And remember: a price of a used car is ALWAYS negotiable, and if you can't get the price down, you should at least get extra in the price, for example. GPS, rust protection, towbar or other.

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